Women in Midlife: Simple Tips to Alter Your Life

Women in Midlife

Nobody else can be you as well as you possibly can. Your very own experience has been special and unique. If you’re a woman in midlife and think you want to find out how to change and improve your life, I would like to suggest something very important. It is fine to find external things that you want to be different, however, it is important to finally fully accept your self, these include the things you have judged as ‘not as much as’ up to now.

The midlife is actually an important time to spend time learning your essence and relish the process of completely being your self. It is important and essential to helping making the maturing process a happy one. Many of us were taught to think about others first – but, we can’t be truly all we were supposed to be, till we learn how to be ‘selfish’. Being ‘selfish’ needs finding your real self – and absolutely nothing is more important.

Alter Your Midlife by Doing Something Brand New

Practically nothing will tell you more about your self than doing new things. Do at least one brand new thing for each and every birthday which stretches you over and above what you thought possible.

Spiritual life is mostly about celebrating ever-expanding good. One of my close friends revealed this tip with me years ago. A very serious man, he took a class and also performed in a stand up comedy nightclub. Another older woman friend went up in a air-balloon for her 50th birthday celebration.

It is a mistake to believe that changing the outer layer of our selves will make significant difference. There is a very good joke that will illustrates this:

A Great Smile

A middle-aged woman had heart attack and was taken to a healthcare facility. When on the operating table, this women had a near death experience. Seeing God, this woman questioned “God, is my time up?” then God answered, “No, your time is not up. You still have another forty-three years, two months, and eight days to live.”

After recovery, this woman made a decision to stay in the hospital and then have a face lifting, a tummy tuck and liposuction. This woman even had someone come in and change the color of her hair. Considering that she had a lot more time to live, she thought she might make the most of it.

Shortly after last operation, this woman was released from hospital. When crossing the road on her way home, this woman was killed by the ambulance. Coming in front of God, this woman asked, “You stated I had another forty years to live? How didn’t you pull me from the path of the ambulance?” then God answered, “Oh, I did not recognize you!”

The True Change

The true change that ought to happen in the midlife is the change that has us dropping the negative things we often say about our self, the fixation we have on changing the things we don’t like and becoming something we are really not. The best way to change your life, is to determine that who you really are is fine, just as you are. When you have absolutely accepted that, it will become much easier to become more of the parts you love and also the beliefs and habits that have not served you start to drop away. That which we resist, persists.

Nothing is broken, nothing needs fixing. Even though you don’t believe it at first, act as if that were true and see what will happen. You’ll find that you have finally discovered how to alter your life without pain and suffering.

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