Rev Up Your Metabolism After 40

Rev Up Your Metabolism To Burn Fat Fast

A Proven System for Losing Weight, Looking Good and Feeling Great At Any Age

You could be just a few metabolism boosting meals away from the body of your dreams…

Learn How To Reverse The Aging Process by Boosting Your Metabolism
Hormones and stress tend to slow your metabolism as you age, but you can reverse aging and boost your metabolism using this revolutionary fat burning system. Instead of being a victim of aging, you’ll be delighted and amazed by how your body responds positively to metabolism boosting meals that make losing weight and feeling great so easy.

The 7-Day Ageless Beauty Detox
In addition, you’ll learn the 7-day Ageless Beauty Detox system which will cleanse your liver and leave you feeling lighter and stronger than ever before. If you’ve tried to lose weight through dieting, exercises, diet pills and every other weight loss system, you might be missing the key to fast and lasting weight loss – a healthy liver! Through this incredible, safe and effective detox system, you can finally let your liver function optimally so that you can metabolize fat and burn fat quickly and effortlessly!

The 10 Foods That Can Kill Your Detox and Slow Your Metabolism
You’ll learn how to avoid the top 10 foods that can slow your metabolism, destroy your detox and keep you fat, sick and tired. Simply by eliminating these 10 simple foods from your diet, you’ll feel better almost instantly and your energy levels will soar through the roof.

How To Feel Better Overnight By Eliminating Gluten From Your Diet
Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with celiac disease, you may still be allergic to gluten or have a sensitivity to gluten that can leave you feeling sluggish, fatigued and sick. Eliminating gluten from your diet can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to feel better fast and help detox your body from this hard-to-digest protein.

About The Author
Amy Grams is a Nutrition Educator and Coach and founder of She specializes in helping women over 40 who want to rev up their metabolism, relieve stress and revitalize their bodies and their lives.

Amy spent fifteen years climbing the career ladder in corporate finance before the effects of chronic stress and poor eating habits took their toll. After changing to a diet based on local, seasonal, unprocessed organic foods, her energy and health returned and her passion for nutrition was born.

Amy is an Honors graduate of Bauman College’s Nutrition Educator and Nutrition Consultant Programs, holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley (go Bears!) and is a recovering spreadsheet-loving CPA (don’t bother asking her for help with your taxes though).

She is a soccer/baseball/basketball mom to an energetic elementary school boy and loyal servant to a 125 lb. English Mastiff named Allie. She makes her home in the gorgeous wine country of Sonoma County, California.

About the author:

The owner of "House of Forty", a beauty cosmetic clinic. An amateur photographer. She has passion to healthy life. A housewife, mother and she loves cooking, travelling and spending her time with family. Now, she is busy with her new hobby, blogging. Follow her on Twitter / Facebook.

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