Increase Sexual Desire in Women

Sexual Desire in Women

Lack of sexual desire in women after 40 can happens during and after maternity and as women age and so go through menopause. To increase sexual desire in women, you need to determine what causes it.

Vaginal dryness and also discomfort are known as the most common reasons why women lose sex drive after 40. In a global study related to sexual problems released recently in ‘the Journal of Impotence Research‘, about 43% of women after 40 indicated a loss of sexual desire. Furthermore, up to 36% of females who were having sex mentioned they were not enjoying it.

Knowing it’s quite common doesn’t make it any easier for women after 40 who are experiencing it. To discover a solution for low libido and to increase sexual desire in women first you need to determine what causes it, and there could be a lot of causes.

Life situations like stress, relationship issues, fatigue can call take their toll on our libido. It’s natural for the sexual desire in women to change over the course of our lives given what can be happening at that time. Even so, there are certainly other causes for low sex drive like the effects of medication, injury and illness.

One of several reasons for decreased sexual desire in women is the hormone level irregularity. Such a thing happens during and after maternity and as women age and so go through menopause. Whenever hormonal levels are low or out of sync, it happens to libido negatively in several ways.

Very first, healthy hormonal levels are essential for sexual desire in women. Simple and plain. Secondly, once hormonal levels are low or possibly abnormal, vaginal dryness may appear causing sexual activity painful. That leads to an endless cycle of attempted intimate encounter-painful or uncomfortable sex causing a failed sexual encounter-fear and also avoidance of sexual encounters-decrease in libido.

Your mind is a powerful thing. It possesses a way of attempting to protect your body. When someone is expecting sex to be because of vaginal dryness, its very easy to believe that every sexual activities will end badly. So as an easy way of protection, the body simply kinda shuts down when dealing with sex drive. It thinks its much easier to shut down rather than to risk pain.

How to Increase Sexual Desire in Women

Increase Sexual Desire limited time offerFortunately, there are certain solutions to low sexual drive in women. One such option is HerSolution Gel. HerSolution Gel is great for vaginal dryness by increasing the women’s aptitude to generate vaginal lubrication. HerSolution Gel can also help increase blood circulation to the genitals. Good blood circulation is essential to sexual arousal. Intivar helps to increase vaginal sensations by enhancing circulation of blood. Leading to better and much more powerful sexual climaxes.

When blood circulation is improved then there is more vaginal lubrication a lot of women after 40 retrieve their sex drive and move to have fantastic sex lives and of course never experience low sex drive again.

Taking the 1st step is almost always the hardest. It will require admission that there’s a problem plus a strong desire to eliminate it and obtain your sexual life back to normal. Using HerSolution Gel is most likely the 1st step in that leap of faith. If you are an woman after 40 with low libido take that leap of faith then try HerSolution Gel. The outcomes will prove themselves quickly and you will definitely wonder why you ever waited. HerSolution Gel increases sexual desire in women.

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  1. I am 47 in a new relationship with a man that I think is the one I have been looking for all of my life. He’s 39 sexy strong just amazing beautiful funny and gets along great with my son. I want to marry this guy I love him so much, and there is a but in there. Sexually he isn’t setting at the same table with me he is a great lover, and I wish he would practice it more with me. On the avrage we have sex 2 to 3 times a week more like 2. I crave him so much, I want his touch his caress, but when I ask he recoils, it makes me feel unwanted and left to question my looks my body and even my ability to make love with good quality. Am I fat am I to old am I a lazy lover. Most woman would be grateful for 2x’s a week. NOT me my sex drive is higher in my late 40s I think because I can’t get pregnant and also this is a new relationship. In the very early weeks it was every night and on his days off we hardly ever stoped, this was one of the reasons my heart and body fell so deeply for him. I’m not shallow I just find him so incredibly attractive. Everything else in our lives is so on point we match up in every other way. I just want to have that intimacy with him he doesn’t even have to make me achieve an orgasum I just want that closeness touching each eachother in places I save for him!

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