Getting Fit After 40 – Where Do You Start?

Getting Fit After 40

Getting fit after 40?  Where and how do we start? If you are over 40 and have noticed that you are not as fit as you once were, there is hope! Even if you have never been in shape there is no reason that you can not start now and make the next 40 plus years great.

Below I have listed 5 tips to help you get started on your ‘getting fit after 40’  journey. I hope you enjoy this post and that you get something from it that helps you reach your goals!

5 Tips to Getting Fit After 40

  1. Evaluate: Take some time to see where you are in your fitness level. Be sure to get a check up from your doctor. Check your weight and body fat levels. Write down all of the reasons you are in your current condition. It could be that you love the convenience of the drive-thru, that you like sleeping in over getting up and exercising or numerous other reasons. Everyone is different just be sure to be honest with your self, you can not set a path forward if you do not know where you are starting from to getting fit after 40.
  2. Goals: I know you probably have heard that you should write your goals down and you should. Most successful people have definite written goals with a deadline. The very act of writing down your goals will help keep you focused. Make your goals specific, do not make the mistake of writing down something like I want to lose weight. That goal would not be powerful enough to keep you motivated. Instead write something like I will lose 13.5 pounds in the next 4 weeks.
  3. Develop a plan: Once your goals are place you need to develop a plan to reach them. You need to follow a plan that has been proven to work.  If this plan does not work for you be sure to find one that does and stick to it.
  4. Take Action: Once you have evaluated your circumstances, written down your goals, and developed a plan the next step is to get started. No matter how great your fitness plan, it is useless unless you take action. It will be hard at first but  stick with it. Once you have followed your plan for 21 days it will become a habit and every day you follow it from there will strengthen the habit. Remember our habits made us overweight developing new healthier habits will help you get to your goal weight and getting fit after 40.
  5. Reevaluate: After a couple of weeks on the plan you need to check to see if you are making progress. Have you ever noticed the same person in the gym month after month but they are not improving their figure? They are obviously not taking the time to evaluate their progress. Don’t let this be you, at specific intervals you need to check your weight and body fat levels, if you are going in the right direction keep going, if not reevaluate and find out what is not working and try a different route.

If you continue to do this you will achieve success on your “getting fit after 40” .

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The owner of "House of Forty", a beauty cosmetic clinic. An amateur photographer. She has passion to healthy life. A housewife, mother and she loves cooking, travelling and spending her time with family. Now, she is busy with her new hobby, blogging. Follow her on Twitter / Facebook.

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