Home Remedies to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles

Under Eyes Bags and Dark Circles

Under eye bags and dark eye circles can seriously weigh down the way you look. Eye bags provide a perennial stressed and also sick look even though you slept well and feel energetic and vibrant.

Some wrinkle creams plump up the skin to decrease lines and wrinkles which will give the eyes puffy appearance. If puffiness is a problem, make sure you choose products that includes anti-inflammatory properties. In case the dark circles are the problem, check for products which assist strengthen the blood vessel walls.

There are many products and treatments that will decrease the appearance of the bags by lessening the reducing inflammation, discoloration and also tightening the skin around the eyes area. Speak to a professional skincare professional for advice.

Causes of Under Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles

The skin under our eyes is thin and delicate to begin with. As we grow older, skin and the fat pad under our eyes become thinner and the elasticity weakens, making blood vessels and underlying fat to become noticeable. This allows the appearance of under eye bags and dark circles. Sun damage will make it worse as it weakens our skin.

Poor circulation and fluid retention

Blood vessels under our eyes may become engorged and dilated, which will contribute to the dark circles. Not enough sleep often makes skin seem more pale, which enables blood vessels to be more visible through the skin, presenting the appearance of dark circles or bluish.

Every time we wake with puffy eyes, fluid retention throughout our body is generally the culprit. This usually means that body fluids have settled in the eye area overnight and often can be traced to previous day activities. Normally the swelling disappears after a few hours and also the fluid is re-absorbed by our body.

Lack of quality sleep

Swelling under the eyes is a very common symptom of lack of sleep or over sleeping. When we’re tired, or whenever we overslept, the circulatory system decelerates and water collects in the body at certain points. When water isn’t being properly carried away through our body’s circulation system, it gathers around the eyes because there is the space there for it to do so.


Certain medicines, especially blood pressure medications, can lead to the blood vessels to dilate and expand. While this improved blood flow generally isn’t apparent in other areas, it may cause a visible tint below the thin skin under the eyes.

Allergic Reaction

You had enough sleep but still wake up to bloated eyes. Bags under eyes may also be related to an allergic reaction. Possibly you are allergic to a food you consumed or perhaps the feathers from the down pillow. Bags under eyes because of allergic reactions can be relieved with an antihistamine such as Benedryl. If the eyes are puffy, itchy and red then your under eye bags can be as a result of an allergic reaction.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes during menstruation can also lead to the puffy eyes. Many symptoms during menstruation may cause under eye bags like fluid retention. If you retain water during your menstruation, an over-the-counter product will help decrease puffy eyes.


Dark circles under eyes can run in families. They seem to be more noticeable in people who have deep-set eyes or fair skin.

Home Remedies for Under Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles

There are lots of costly over-the-counter creams for under eye bags and dark eye circles that promise you fast results , however very few can certainly lighten your dark eyes bags. So instead of wasting a lot of money on pricey chemical mixtures, try these natural home remedies for getting rid of your dark under eyes circles!


We have seen it on television, in the movies and read about this in magazines, because it really works to get rid of under eye bags! Take a cold cucumber, (it is better than a room temperature cucumber) then cut it into rounds. Lie down face up, close your eyes then put the cucumber circles over your eyes. Relax for fifteen minutes then throw out the cucumber rounds.

Cold Tea Bags

After steep tea to drink with dessert, keep the tea bags! Let the wet tea bags cool-down (place them in the refrigerator to make the tea bags feel great when you put them on the eyes). Do the exact same method (as mentioned on top for the cucumber treatment) – lie down face up, close your eyes then cover each eyelid with a tea bag. After relaxing for fifteen minutes, toss the tea bag and wash your face off. Be careful where you lie down, due to the fact when the tea bags drip at all, tea could stain. To be safe, set up a towel below your head before setting the tea bags on the eyes.


Do you know that potatoes have the same enzyme that beauty companies use in their under eyes circle creams? So why pay the extra money, when you can obtain the same effect with this particular natural home remedy? Grate the potato, put the grated potato into cheesecloth, then put the cheesecloth bags over the eyes.

However, these home remedies to get rid of under eye bags may be provide a temporary solutions. If you are looking for long term solutions, fast answer, simple and safe remedy for under eyes bag, then you may try a proven face pad that use  electrical impulse technology. Click here to read FaceLift Gym review.

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  1. Home remedies work great to treat under eye bags and dark eye circles. These treatments for eye problems often successful. Cucumber, cold tea bag, and potato can also be used to soothing eyes.

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