Eye Make-up Tips for Older Women

Eye Make-up Tips for Older Women

As get older our skin gets older too, although many women try to hide it or extents try to deny it is happening. Unfortunately you must accept it. It happens to all of us at some point in our lifetimes but the trick is, how long can you keep it a secret?

Many women think by wearing more make up than they usually would helps to hide those dreaded wrinkles, unfortunately in some cases all this can do is emphasize your wrinkles and draw attention to them. Where many women go wrong is that they apply thick eyeliner, bold lip colors and wavy mascara which in turn can actually make you look older. By making your eyes look darker you are adding years onto your life, something you may have actually been trying to prevent.

Thick application of foundation, and eye shadows around the eyes can actually add years onto your look. The trick is to use lighter eye shadow colors and maybe a white eyeliner; this will cause your eyes to look brighter and fresher, therefore younger.

Your eyes are the part of the face that another individual will look into, they are the part of the face that has a big impact when a person looks at you, however this is also the area where wrinkles mostly appear.

Eye Secrets Lash growth accelerator can help to make your eyes look younger and therefore your whole face. The product is easy to apply and has long lasting effects. It is a treatment that is applied to the roots of your eyelashes to help them grow.

The Lash accelerator product is brilliant for those sparse and brittle eyelashes many of us have. The formula gets hard to work to give you stronger, thicker lashes that you will want to show off. You will notice results in just 21 days.

The product works best when you are asleep and your lashes are resting. All you need to do is apply the product to the root of your lashes and in just weeks you will notice the difference. No nasty hormones, parabens or salicylates are used in the product so you can be use it is safe to use.

Try the following eye make-up tips for Older Women:

  • Apply a good quality foundation to your skin (not too much though) to help cover up some of the fine lines and wrinkles that may have developed on your dryer, older skin.
  • When applying the foundation only apply it to the areas that need covering up and make sure you chose a tone that is similar to your skin color.
  • If you want to apply an eye shadow to give your eyes a little color then make sure you chose a light color with a sophisticated impact.
  • Using a color like bronze, gold, beige or a very light pink can create smoky eyes that can have an effect of a younger look.
  • If you love your eyeliner and cant resist not wearing any, when applying it make sure you don’t put a cross line over your eyes.
  • Avoid using a a dark liner as this makes it obvious you have aging skin, instead try using a lighter color, like white or silver.
  • When applying your mascara – Don’t over do it, remember less is more!
  • Use just enough to define your lashes.
  • Before applying mascara always curl your lashes first for a few seconds.
  • For the final touch you can use lip color that compliment your age.
  • If you have made your eye shadow a little darker then make sure you apply light lip color, the same rule applies if you have applied lighter eye shadow; use the reverse and use a darker lip color.

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