Diet Tips for Middle Aged Women

For middle aged women, problems like arthritis, atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity and basic physical degeneration take place and their vibrant health from youth starts to disappear.

However, it is never too late to slow down the many typical signs of aging as well as make improvements to your long and short term health through dietary and lifestyle changes.

A healthy diet and exercise can relieve menopause symptoms as well as make you feel and look younger. Here are five healthy snacks to enjoy and beat the aging process!


Soya contains phyto-oestrogens, these are plant oestrogens that are natural chemicals found in food. They act in a similar way as oestrogen in the body and help keep our natural hormones in balance. When needed, they provide the body with excess oestrogen, but also block the uptake when the body has too much. Some studies have shown that soy can lower the risks of breast cancer and heart disease. Enjoy soy in many forms, such as soy yoghurt, temph or tofu for a healthier you.


Yoghurt is a rich source of calcium, which is vital for both strength and growth. When women enter their middle ages their bones stop strengthening and start deteriorating. Yoghurt and other calcium rich foods such as dairy products, spinach or calcium fortified soy milk. Yoghurt is your best bet as it contains friendly probiotics which keep your gut healthy. Aim to consume at least 700mg of calcium a day.

Whole GrainsWhole Grains

Everyone knows that high-fiber foods, which include whole grains, oats, and brown rice, are essential for a healthy digestive system. But now most nutritionists agree that a meal plan loaded with whole grains can also help you stay slim, thanks to fiber’s role in appetite control. Whole grains have low rankings on the glycemic index (a system that rates the effect of different carbohydrates on blood sugar levels).

Research also has shown that whole grains offer protection against diabetes, heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and gum disease. Whole grains also have a lot of vitamins, minerals and (again) fiber compared to their refined versions. Whole grains are the best foods to keep you energized, slim and avoid both short and long term health problems.


Eating foods containing omega-3 essential fatty acids is essential for brain health. Fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, trout and tuna all contain omega 3. The fatty acids in fish help to control chronic inflammation as they have potent anti-flammatory effects. Also, many studies have suggested that eating omega-3 fats improve mood as well as attitude and can help beat depression. This in turn will make you feel healthier and full of energy. 2 servings is all you need to start feeling the benefits.


Vegetables get their bright colours thanks to high antioxidant levels. Antioxidants eat up free radicals, which are highly reactive oxygen molecules that damage cells and contribute to skin problems, such as dryness and wrinkles. Therefore vegetables top up the skin’s supply of antioxidants, getting rid of free radical whenever they appear. Vegetables also supply a lot of vitamins, minerals and fibre which are all essential for a healthy body. Aim for at least 5 servings of vegetables a day.

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