Celebrities Secret: Goji Berry, Anti-Aging Super-food

Goji Berries

The Goji Berry, the latest so-called “super-food”, has become one of the most well-known and sought after health supplements on the market today, with benefits ranging from anti-aging, fixing or preventing vision problems, improved libido, cancer prevention, cardiovascular or inflammatory diseases as well as to curb effects from aging. Many celebrities secretly consuming Goji Berry as part of their diets to assist optimum physical health.

Goji Berry was popular in Asia for several thousand years and now the United States and other developed countries are learning how this tiny berry can have enormous health benefits.

Goji Berry in Tablets

Anti-Aging Benefits of Goji Berry

Goji Berry is sometimes called the longevity fruit, because it contains polysaccharides and antioxidants that combat free radicals that cause damage from aging. Also, Goji Berry directly affects stamina and longevity which can reduce effects from aging like fatigue.

Goji Berry also stimulates HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, which is secreted by the pituitary gland, and is known as the youth hormone which can improve your memory, help speed up healing and restore libido as well as to give you a more youthful appearance on the outside.

Weight Loss Benefits of Goji Berry

Goji Berry can actually help you lose weight as well, because of the polysaccharides that the berry contains, and the way that they help to convert food into energy, which reduces the amount of fat that is stored.

A study was done with obese patients specifically using Goji Berry to determine if this supplement did anything for weight loss, with a dose of the Goji given in both the morning and the afternoon. Most patients that were involved in the study lost a significant amount of weight which was directly attributed to the Goji Berry.

Benefits for Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Some results point to the fact that Goji Berry can have enormous benefits when it comes to cancer treatment and prevention. The polysaccharides and antioxidants in the Goji berry can help to prevent genetic mutations that cause cancer and are especially useful in helping to treat and prevent liver cancer because it protects your liver separately. Also, GojiBerry can help to kill tumor cells by breaking down cancerous cells and recycling them in a process that is known as apoptosis.

Patients who supplement their cancer treatment with Goji Berry can improve their chances of recovering by up to two hundred and fifty percent. Many cancer patients have experienced some miraculous and staggering results like regression of malignant melanoma, lung cancer, colorectral or renal cell carcinoma.

The remission of cancers in these patients who took Goji Berry also lasted a great deal longer. Also, there has been some research into Goji Berry reducing the effect of radiation therapy and chemo, especially with lung cancer, which caused a lower dose of the radiation to be used. Also, Goji Berry may help to combat some of the side effects of chemo and radiation.

Goji’s Effects on Sexuality and Libido

When people age they may notice a significant drop in their libido and sexual desire. This can cause problems in relationships and affect happiness in general. However, there has been some significant results reported on Goji’s effect on sexuality and libido, with testosterone levels in the blood increasing with the use of Goji Berry extract, juice and other forms, that has increased sexual appetite and libido in both men and women.

Goji Berry for Immune System Health

Goji Berry can have a significant effect on your health and immune system because of the way that the polysaccharides work and communicate with the immune system. Goji Berry has been shown to improve your immune system as well as improve heart and liver functions and help support normal kidney function as well. Also, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and diabetes may be controlled or reduced by adding Goji Berry to your diet. Goji Berry can also help to improve and maintain vision, or prevent vision related diseases.

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