Beauty Foods: Some Foods to Keep Young

Beauty foods to keep young

What you eat has direct impact on your skin and its appearance. Besides contributing on our physical well being, there are foods which can be called beauty foods which have profound involvement to keep your beauty intact. These foods items are filled with all the essential nutrients required to keep you beautiful and fit.

Particularly the vitamins play a very important role in keeping your natural beauty intact. If you eat well and avoid certain habits like too much of smoking, drinking, late night sleeps, and stress, you don’t need artificial face lift to retain your beauty.

Eat in sufficient amount the beauty foods listed below according to their vitamin content and see the difference of all your beauty components – nails, hair, skin, eyes, lips and overall health.

The Sources of Beauty Foods to Keep Young

Vitamin A / Beta Carotene: This vitamin is particularly healthy for hair and eyes. It also protects your skin from any sort of infection. Vitamin A keeps your skin healthy and counteracts dryness, dandruff, and wrinkle formation. The rich sources of Vitamin A are – Cod liver oil, Eggs, Carrots, Dairy Products, Tomatoes, Papaya, Melon and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B Complex: Vitamin B is vital to keep your skin clear, healthy and give a youthful look. It also delays graying of hair. It also helps to combat stress, and help in quick heal of wear and tear. Its deficiency may lead to dry skin, grey hair, scaly lips, premature wrinkles, redness and irritation, and other problems. The sources of these beauty vitamin are whole grain cereals, nuts, pulses, molasses, liver, brewed yeast and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C: This is a very important vitamin for your beauty. This helps in production of collagen which keeps your skin tight and young forever. It also prevents wrinkles and facial lines. Vitamin C is essential for healthy hair, skin, eyes, teeth, gums and resistance to infection. The beauty foods which are rich in vitamin C are green vegetables, green peppers, tomatoes, fresh fruits like orange, strawberries, grapefruit and lemon. Black currants, potatoes, blackberries are also good source of Vitamin C.

Vitamin D: Another important vitamin to retain your natural beauty. This is essential for good teeth, good bone density and nails. This vitamin helps in assimilation of calcium and phosphorus. It promotes healthy eyes, skin, teeth and bone density.

The sources of vitamin D milk, beef liver, salmon, tuna, butter, sprouted seeds.

Vitamin E: This is very important vitamin for beauty to prevent wrinkles, premature aging, age spots, falling of hair, dandruff, improves circulation and healing of scars. Research shows this vitamin E is very important to keep your cells healthy. The rich sources of Vitamin E are green leaf vegetables, milk, asparagus, broccoli, butter, raw or sprouted seeds, olives, nuts, and soybeans.

Along with vitamins minerals and proteins are essential for beautiful skin. There are lots of beauty foods around you which are rich in proteins and vitamins to keep you stay fit and beautiful.

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