Anti-Aging Supplementation: HGH, Testosterone & DHEA

anti-agingCertain changes happen to our body as we age. Among them are hormonal changes, such as: testosterone, HGH, DHEA. The key aging hormone is testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for strength, energy, vigor, libido, zest for life and muscle mass.

As we age, testosterone stops stimulating cell receptor sites throughout the body, and tends to bind to globulins in the blood instead. This is a problem for both men and women – women especially.

It’s true that testosterone is responsible when men beat each other up, but only in larger amounts. When you take it in smaller amounts, you get that zest for life. And considering that women already are with small amounts of testosterone, as they age they lose it completely; and with it their zest for life is gone as well, including sexual desire.

Taking testosterone as a supplement is not your only option in the fight with testosterone levels. There are also certain plant extracts, which can safely raise the levels of free testosterone. Those worth a try are wild oats, nettles, saw palmetto, maca nad muira puama.

Human Growth Hormone

Everyone’s heard of HGH. It can be seen that much on the Internet, that we are sick of it. Human growth hormone is probably right after pornography and pharmaceutical discounts.

HGH-injectionThe wealthy are already familiar with its rejuvenating powers. Unfortunately, for the last 30 years it has been available only for them, as it cost around $1,000 a month, and only from doctors.

However, there have been some changes nowadays, which made it possible for the rest of us to try it out as well. I would never recommend injections, but I strongly recommend these alternatives.

Effects are for sure not those claimed, such as immortality and eternal youth. They are much more subtle, and normal. But they are various, and for most people very effective.

This is a list of some benefits from taking HGH:

  • Without dieting, fat is lowered by 14.4% after six months
  • It eliminates cellulite
  • Energy levels are increased
  • Boosted sexual performance
  • Regrowth of organs that shrink with age – heart, liver, spleen, kidneys
  • Greater cardiac output
  • boosted immune function
  • Increased exercise performance
  • boosted kidney function
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol profile, with higher HDL, and lower LDL
  • Stronger bones
  • Faster wound healing
  • Younger, tighter, thicker skin
  • Hair regrowth

So, How to Choose HGH?

First of all, it’s important for you to understand that you can’t actually buy true human growth hormone, since the only real human growth hormone is taken from humans. And 30 years ago, that was the only source. But it was discovered that that kind of growth hormone it had a major side effect – it occasionally caused mad cow disease, plus it cost a fortune. So it’s not as good as they claim.

Luckily for us, at the same time recombinant DNA technology came with an acceptable alternative. Scientists learned how to alter the DNA of a single-cell yeast plant so that it would produce large amounts of Growth Hormone – which was in every single way identical to real HGH, only safe and inexpensive version of it.

So, since the two of these are identical, people often misuse the term HGH. This acceptable version should, however, be called a plant-based growth hormone and not HGH.

There is, however, one more problem. Although this is an acceptable alternative, it has been discovered that the Growth Hormone molecule is so large (containing 191 amino acids) that you can’t take it orally, but only by injection. This is, of course, much more expensive version – costing between $1,000 and $1,800 a month, and it requires a doctor.


Secretagogues are formulas that are the only alternative to this so far. They allow your body to produce and release more HGH. These formulas are not as powerful as HGH injections, but the good thing is they don’t carry downside of the injections, plus they can be quite effective. Arginine, which is an essential amino acid, and GABA are their key ingredients.

Arginine has been proved to be effective when taken intravenously, but oral taking is still questionable. It also tends to produce significant intestinal distress once it starts stimulating HGH production in the body.

Far more interesting option is GABA. It is an amino acid and neurotransmitter found in our brains. It has calming effect, induces relaxation and sleep.

Besides its calming effect, GABA stimulates the anterior pituitary, which leads to higher levels of HGH. GABA has been the subject of many studies, and it has been discovered that it can promote a significant increase in plasma growth hormone levels — up to a fivefold increase within 90 minutes of oral supplementation of 5 grams of GABA. (Please note that the research indicated that at least 2-5 grams of GABA should be taken for it to be effective.)


Your dosage of GABA should be built gradually. Some people reported on experiencing things such as mild tingling around the face and neck or a mild change in heart rate or breathing patterns. These side effects are not harmful and disappear quickly.

A Quick Explanation: How Does GH Work?

HGH is produced in the pituitary gland.

HGH is released to your body throughout the day, mostly in the evening, and comes in a series of 9-24 microscopic “pulses”. It signals a number of body functions that are connected to aging and the production of other hormones such as DHEA and Melatonin and various parts of the endocrine system, including the hypothalamus (considered to be the master gland).

This way, the pituitary is stimulated to produce even more GH. But its most function is signalizing the liver to produce Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1). And that’s the key thing for anti-aging.

Specifically, you can measure the benefits of HGH by the amount of IGF-1 produced. If the number is above 20%, it is effective.

Although many formulas on the market offer IGF-1 levels increased from 20% to even 100%, keep in mind that 30 minutes of aerobic session can increase it by 100%, and a solid session of weight training can increase levels by an incredible 400-800% — completely for free.


You should pay attention to the following cautions when supplementing hormones: pregnant or nursing women should not supplement hormones without advisory from their doctors. Women trying to conceive should check with their doctor first

Anyone with a pre-existing condition (autoimmune disease, cancer, mental illness or depression) should check with their doctor first.

Anyone on prescription for steroids should check with their doctor first

NOTE: You should not substitute this information for medical or chiropractic advice. Any of actions or health care concerns must be checked with a health care professional who is familiar with your updated medical history.

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