5 Essential Minerals and Vitamins for Healthy Nails

healthy nails

Very often, dermatologists treat individuals with a condition that amounts to nail splitting, thin or soft fingernails commonly referred to onychoschizia. This condition is very common among women especially those who consider it an important feature to have long perfectly polished nails. Mostly, it is brought about as a result of harsh weather conditions as well as exposure to irritating chemicals and other external factors. However, the condition can also be as a result of a nutritional deficiency.

Some of the minerals important in relation to long nails include:

1. Iron

Deficiency in iron is the major cause of anemia which comes about when the low levels of iron cause deficiencies in the red blood cells. Individuals most likely to have iron deficiency anemia include vegetarians, pregnant women, and individuals with some medical conditions. As a result, such people are likely to experience headaches, mood changes and difficulties in concentration. It is also common for these people to experience cosmetic changes like brittle nails and pale skin.

2. Vitamin A

Lack of vitamin A in the body can possibly result into dry and brittle nails. In case you have noticed that your nails are breaking very easily, you can use a supplement of this vitamin. Vitamin A also helps the body make use of protein and if at all your body is not processing protein well, you may notice more hangnails as well as other issues related to the skin. Because nails are made of keratin, a type of protein, vitamin A becomes an integral element in their growth and overall health. Lack of the vitamin can significantly decelerate your nail growth.

3. Vitamin C

Hangnails are the tiny pieces or torn skins that lie next to the nails. They always painful and the affected areas usually become reddened. A regular occurrence of hangnails shows that your body lacks enough vitamins C. In order to remedy the situation, you should consider getting vitamin C supplements since a deficiency can as well result into the general swelling of the tissue in the nails.

4. Calcium and Vitamin D

Brittle and dry nails can also be brought about by a lack of or low levels of vitamin D or calcium. The two elements are related in such a manner that low levels of vitamin D tend to tamper with the absorption of calcium. Calcium is a mineral and not a vitamin technically although it is a major factor in the strength of nails too.

5. Biotin

The B vitamins, particularly biotin are critical when it comes to maintaining strong nails. Biotin is almost present in every type of food and thus it is almost impossible to find someone with a deficiency. An extra intake of vitamin B and specifically biotin has been found to help in the prevention and repair of brittle and weak nails. The mineral also makes your nails thicker as well as stronger.

Other important nail minerals and vitamins include vitamin E, copper, iodine, selenium, silicon as well as zinc. Stronger and healthier nails are more than simply an aesthetic pleasure. Nails indicate how healthy you are as well as your nutritious status. If you have weak brittle or peeling nails, then your body is lacking some essential minerals. Also, if the nails have unsightly spots or ridges, some critical elements are lacking in your body.

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