10 Tips for Your Healthy Fingernails

Healthy, shaped and well filed fingernails are an attractive part of our hands. Our hands are probably used more than any other part of the body. Hands have to come in contact frequently with hot cold water and even chemicals doing dishes, cleaning, taking shower, showering or swimming.

All these unpreventable exposures of hand lead to wear and tear of the fingernails, but by following a few easy guidelines, the nails can be kept healthy and the wear and tear can be minimized.

1. Wear gloves while doing housework

When using water with chemicals or soap, for example when doing dishes, wear rubber gloves. Doing this will prevent the nail from becoming thin and also prevent splitting. Gloves must also be worn with work like gardening. Wear water resistant gloves when you are gardening with chemicals or damp soil. Wear thick gloves made of cowhide for lighter gardening projects.

2. File fingernails

Always buff and file the fingernails in one direction. Buffing or filing back and forth will cause splitting.

3. Moisturize the nails

Just as the skin needs moisturizer, nails also need moisturizing. It is good for the nails to rub moisturizer into them, especially after removal of nail polish. After washing the hands, apply moisturizer immediately to hands and rub the moisturizer well into the nails.

4. Avoid polish removers with formaldehyde or acetone

Though they can work fast, but they can damage the nails; a better option is to use acetate-based removers.

5. Use cream

Rub thick hand cream, like petroleum jelly or Vaseline, or any cuticle-cream into your cuticles when going to bed, and leave it overnight. It treatment is especially required for ragged cuticles. Creams can also be substitute with castor oil. It is thick and contains vitamin E, which is good for the cuticles. Olive oil can also be used, and it is readily available in most kitchens.

6. Eat fruit and vegetables regularly

Our body needs the optimum balance of nutrients and minerals to maintain good health. These are available in abundance with fruits and vegetables, and it must be included in the diet. The diet should include of vitamins A, E and Biotin. A glass of milk and one hard-boiled egg a day is good for the fingernails.

7. Keep them short

If the fingernails are brittle or weak, keeping them short will make them tough and strong. Also, do not bite you nails.

8. Drinking plenty of water

Fingernails are a part of our body, and it is essential to keep it hydrated. Drink adequate amount of water to keep the body well hydrated.

9. Dry the hands well

It is not possible to avoid contact with water, but make them dry well. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer and massage the fingernails.

10. Massage the nails

Massaging the fingernails will do wonders for them; as they get stimulated by massaging.

With proper information and care, it is not very difficult to keep the fingernails and the toenails in good condition. Nails also provide signs of nutrient deficiency, and unexpected changes in them can also be a sign of fungal infection or even cancer.

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