Acai Berry Detox Review, Lose 13.5 Pounds in a Month

acai berry detox review

Acai berry – the superfood berry native to South America, is being promoted as the latest supplement for a variety of health conditions. It’s said to promote weight loss, clearer skin, anti-aging, increased energy and improved sleep quality, all because of its incredible nutrient profile.

A lot of people are seeing awesome results when combing pure acai berry product with colon detoxification product, but do the combination really work?

A friend and I (both are 40s) were keen to try out acai berry detox for ourselves for a month to try and lose some weight without altering our diet or exercise. Both of us work pretty busy schedules and eating properly and being commited to exercise is really hard to squeeze in.

We tested the most well known acai berry and colon detox products to figure out if they truly meet the claims. Without side effects in a totally natural fat loss and detox set, what could I lose?

My friend and I started searching for acai berry products online, it looks to be the ideal resource for discovering the highest quality acai berry products that are unavailable in stores. With various recommendations by health care professionals and journalists, we found that to achieve the essential benefit from acai berry capsules you will need one that is a 100% pure fruit, not an extract or capsule with the filler or bulking agents inside. In this way, you will get the exact fruit pulp that’s freeze dried (to obtain the complete fruit and all of the nutrients) for maximum benefits. We discovered that acai berry needs to be freeze-dried as soon as harvest due to the short shelf life.

Acai berry has a good amount of healthy fats like omega 3, 6 and 9, which means that it does not stay fresh for too long, that is why must be frozen as soon as possible by freeze-drying. We discovered for this reason we could not purchase the acai berry fruit in supermarkets or health stores, and entered online to find the best product available.

Acai Berry Powder

Acai Berry Powder, a deep rich purple.

While doing quick search for the term ‘acai berry’ we stumbled upon the ‘Slimming & Wellbeing Superstore’ from Evolution Slimming. This special acai berry appeared 100% pure, in addition they revealed photographs of the open capsules for side-by-side comparisons of their own acai berry fruit.

The powder appeared very dark; a deep rich purple, which confirms the powder quality. We also found the acai berry had been reviewed by a nationwide newspaper, the Sunday Express, that gave us confidence that this product was really worth the money. Just to ensure, we contacted the seller for a copy of their acai berry certification which the company immediately provided us via email.

We had great faith in Evolution Slimming’s acai berry quality, so keeping this in mind, moved ahead and purchased a bottle of their 100 % pure acai berry (£29) and a bottle of the colon cleanser (£19) as a promotion package which was £43.50 on special offer. We bought one each. We went for free delivery option which arrived at our address two days later, which was great. Every bottle was for a month’s supply, and so I was intending to accomplish the whole four week program.

I started the program the next day. Consuming 2 DetoxPlus in the morning together with one acai berry, and then again before going to sleep with a glass of water. I took my first dose with breakfast just as suggested and waited to find out if I felt any immediate difference. The companies stated that i would start seeing results in the first few days, so because of not experience any immediate benefits I continued the supplements for a further two days.

On the 3rd day, I determined I certainly had more energy, possibly from the acai berry antioxidants. I was visiting the toilet much more, however this was an predicted effect of the detoxify product, called a ‘colon cleanser’ for a reason as I noticed ‘cleansed’ after each visit. It had been a unusual feeling to get used to; I felt slightly much lighter and fresher, along with my stomach feeling less bloated and also a little flatter. I had not shed any weight yet, however it was still early days.

Following the 2nd week, I hopped on the weighing scales to figure out if I had lost any weight. I was not expecting wonderful things, although my trousers were much looser around the waistband. I was down 6lbs. That is about 3lbs per week, that was great! My friend achieved lost a bit less at 4lbs, but still a result she was satisfied with. We’d half a bottle left of every product with 2 weeks to go and were happy at the potential results after the entire course.

The 4th and final week rolled around. I was surprised that how great I feel as well as how little effort it took. I am now able to wake once my alarm rings, without needing to whack the snooze button five times before I really crawl out of the bed. I have bags even more energy meaning i am using stairs at the office instead of the lift, and that’s making me more motivated to take a half hour walk 3 nights per week.

I am weighing every 3 days, and look like losing one pound every time, and that is really fantastic. In total, I have lost around a stone (13.5 lbs) and also I’m feeling like a new woman. We are so delighted with the results that we are going to continue for the next month.

Positive points: I lose amount of weight in a relatively short time, and achieved a significant load of energy without feeling ‘buzzy’ or having the shakes (as I determined previously with different diet pills). I would certainly recommend it to the people in the same situation that are battling to shed the weight through exercise or dieting.

Negative points: Visiting the toilet more would have been a little annoying, but only if at the office. This bother was balanced out with understanding I’m cleansing unhealthy toxins from the body, that was definitely assisting my weight reduction.

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